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Shares CFD trading

CFDs are leveraged product, meaning you can gain full exposure to shares while only putting down a small deposit. While this magnifies possible profits, it does the same for losses. They also enable you to buy and sell shares online without ever owning the underlying asset. An additonal benefit is you can trade both rising and falling markets.

What is Currencies

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Hours of Operation
Instrument name Timezone of exchange 1 standard lot equivalent (units) Trading hours (local exchange time)
All FX products New York 100,000 Sun-Fri: 17:03 - 16:58*

*FX trading will be closed from 16:58 until to 17:03 (New York time) daily.

Note: There is an additional 5-minute break for NZD pairs starting at 06:58 Auckland time (12:58 New York time).