Why Open a Account
with Littlebee?

If you're considering setting up a trust, or have already done extensive research on the subject, it's important to choose the right trust company to best suit your financial goals. That's where Littlebee comes in.

Littlebee is a trust company and has 6 main benefit :

Littlebee, big deals

We provide asset security through trust law and lead with advanced technology for multidimensional transactions.


Trusted and regulated

More traders trust us with their money than anywhere else, making us the world’s No.1 CFD provider1. As well as placing a premium on the security of client funds , Littlebee Securities Limited is licensed to conduct investment business by the Financial Services Authority Seychelles


We are changing the world of trust and transactions

Offer innovative financial structures, enable everyone to easily and quickly access global financial markets for simpler wealth management.


Why people choose Littlebee

  • Easy-to-use interface and friendly experience
  • Fast trust process
  • Connects to stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds, funds, and more in 150 global markets
  • Advanced asset and investment distribution, professional financial trading tools
  • Zero management fees, extremely low transaction fees, competitive spreads
  • Professional and secure asset trust
  • Professional 24/7 service

We offer an elevated trading platform

  • Cefi & Defi technology financial trading platform -- a one-click switch between platforms
  • The best wealth management tool that quickly provides investment information and a strong market advantage
  • Real-time order execution speed
  • Any transaction can be queried through blockchain
  • Rich and accessible educational resources
  • A one-stop legitimate trust trading platform that enables you to easily and securely manage diverse assets and achieve true financial independence

Asset Security

Littlebee provides secure digital asset storage through the use of wallets that contain private and public keys. Private keys authenticate and encrypt transactions, while public keys identify individuals in the transaction. Littlebee's custody solution ensures the secure management of private keys, enabling users to access their assets without relying on banks.